Who We Are

Principal Accountant


Advocate CPA Group was founded by Shelly S. Goch, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Ms. Goch is a member of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA).


For over 25 years, Ms. Goch has provided tax preparation in New York City for the public. Practicing international and domestic strategic tax planning and compliance, Ms. Goch has represented both small and medium companies. She has also interacted extesively with artists, small business owners, and foreign nationals working within the United States.


In her assistance of companies both internationally and domestically, Ms. Goch has handled numerous issues including: choice of entity and business planning based on the classification rules of Internal Revenue Code § 7701 and its corresponding regulations, mitigation of the Subpart F constructive dividend rules of Internal Revenue Code § 951, et al., and the efficient use of foreign tax credits to offset U.S. income taxes on foreign income under Internal Revenue Code §§ 901 and 902.


Ms. Goch has worked to fully integrate her respective areas of tax expertise and accounting/compliance in her representation of companies. She has assisted clients with tax planning and tax reporting compliance involving U.S. income tax treaties to mitigate double taxation and resolve permanent establishment tax presence issues. This has enabled her clients  to achieve global tax minimization and a reduction of their worldwide effective tax rate, while remaining fully compliant with United States tax reporting and accounting requirements.


In addition, Ms. Goch has attained extensive experience in the preparation of IRS annual tax information return Form 5471 as required under Internal Revenue Code § 6038, discharging reporting requirements by U.S. owners of controlled foreign corporations.


Having attended Denver University, Ms. Goch graduated at the top of her class. She began her professional career in the 1980's working for Deloitte, which was known at the time as a "big 8" firm. In 1996, Ms. Goch started her own firm, which focused on aiding individuals and businesses in tax planning, assisting artists with appropriate tax entity selections, and helping same-sex couples find equity in their tax filings.


With the advent of legalized same-sex marriages in multiple jurisdictions, the tax terrain became more complex for non-traditional couples and families. Due to her history of working closely with this community, Ms. Goch was in a prime position to handle clients' issues and guide them through this new territory. Her detailed knowledge regarding the intricacies of non-married same-sex couples sharing assets allowed her to further extrapolate this concept to include tax planning for opposite-sex couples choosing to not get married, sharing assets, and perhaps even having children. With the idea of marriage as a tax topic, Ms. Goch recognized the importance of planning for and mitigating the federal and New York State marriage penalty. Thus, she began her additional focus on tax planning for engaged couples to assuage their tax liability.


Because of her unique expertise in non-traditional areas, Ms. Goch was invited in early 2014 to speak on the radio station WNYC, as a guest on the Brian Lehrer Show. Ms Goch's extensive tax knowledge has also been utilized in a variety of other settings beyond the office. She served as Treasurer of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)'s New York chapter, spoke in a panel on legal and financial implications of legalized same-sex marriages, and has been a visiting lecturer at New York University. 

Our Firm


Advocate CPA Group (formerly known as Shelly Goch CPA, P.C.), was founded in 2003. Offering tax preparation in New York City, the heart of national and international economies, Advocate aims to provide clients with a fresh, sleek outlook on tax planning in a globalized world.


We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses understand the complex landscape of tax regulations in the United States, so that they are able to conduct their affairs in a tax-conscious manner.


Advocate CPA Group helps our clients see the big picture of their tax situations, without losing sight of the intricacies which inevitably present themselves in each multifarious case.


At Advocate, we follow each client's unique issues through to completion, with the highest level of care, compassion, and attention to detail that only our team can provide.


We believe that the best approach to the complex tax landscape is a collaborative approach. Our firm stays in close contact with a team of experienced professionals to advise on your unique tax issues, including state and local tax (SALT) experts and tax attorneys skilled in the area of international tax.

Here at Advocate, we are more than just a firm. We are advocates for those navigating the complicated waters of the tax world in the United States.